Telepathy – Washington State Edition

The Washington State Edition of Telepathy features the same award-winning head-to-head strategic game-play as the Original, but dazzles with a completely updated design, featuring fun symbols from the State of Washington: Orca, Ferry, Guitar, Evergreen, Jumbo Jet, Coffee, Umbrella, Football and Wine. Perfect for any game lovers living in Washington or with ties to the state. This new Edition is even more sitting considering Telepathy was originally created in Seattle!

New Game Board Format!
Along with the all-new design, with the Washington State Edition, we’ve also updated the game board format to include new Secrecy Shields. The Secrecy Shields enhance the play by providing a focal point for your Telepathic powers so you can really concentrate to get that supernatural advantage!

Ages 10 and Up; 2 Players/Teams; Game Duration – 15-20 Minutes.
Game Includes: 2 Game Boards, 2 Secrecy Shields & Stand, 2 Dry Erase Markers, 2 Dry Erase Wipe Cloths

Where to Buy?
Created as an Exclusive for Bartell Drugs in Seattle, Washington, you can find Telepathy Washington State Edition at one of their stores this holiday season.