Telepathy – Original Edition

Telepathy is a strategy game that requires the use deduction, logic and intuition, drawing quick comparisons to games like Mastermind, Battleship and Sudoku. In Telepathy, players race to correctly guess their opponent’s secret square, which is defined by 4 variables: column, row, symbol and color. How fast can you guess the secret square?

Ages: 10 and up; 2 players/teams; Game Duration: 15-20 Minutes.
Telepathy includes: 2 game boards; 2 Guess Cards; 4 Dry Erase Markers, Dry Marker Eraser

Awarded the National Parenting Center Seal of Approval and the Parent’s Choice Foundation Seal of Recommendation.

Where to Buy?
To purchase the Original edition of Telepathy, one of the best places to currently find it is over on Amazon: buy Telepathy on Amazon.