About Telepathy Games

Telepathy is an award-winning board game that combines strategy, logic and deduction. Created by Derek Chinn and launched in 2008 through LMD Games, Telepathy is in a way a combination of Sudoku, the number game, and Mastermind, which came out in the 1970’s. Battleship and Clue are also brought up as quick comparisons when people play the game. What makes Telepathy so great is that it picks up familiar elements of those popular games, but provides a totally unique head-to-head game experience that is both fun and challenging.┬áThe name and packaging also appeals to the universal human interest in the mysterious powers of the mind. It’s rare that someone only wants to play once!

The game board consists of 18 squares by 18 squares which total 324 total squares. There are nine different colors and nine different symbols. Each square is a representation of 4 variables: Row, Column, Color and Symbol. Out of all of those options, each player selects a “secret square” that the other player must try to guess. Each row and column contains two of each color and two of each symbol. There are 81 different colored symbols and 4 of each colored symbols on the board.

In the spring of 2015, Telepathy partnered with the team over at Circuit Works, a small group of specialty toy industry veterans, to further expand the retail presence of Telepathy as well as develop new versions in the Telepathy line that will build on the popular game. The new versions of Telepathy will be available in late 2015.